Hong Kong Accommodation

Knowing your accommodation options

Whenever and wherever you plan to travel, may it be for business or leisure, accommodation is one of the most important things to consider, especially if you don't know anyone in your destination. Although Hong Kong offers some of the best six-star hotels in the world, not everyone can afford it. Fortunately, Hong Kong accommodation varies greatly and caters to everyone's budget.

If you're about to go on your honeymoon and you wish to spend a lavish getaway in this majestic city, luxurious hotel accommodation in Hong Kong would surely suit your needs. If you wish to have a great view of the city, choose hotels near the Victoria Harbor, so you and your spouse can enjoy the sunrise and sunset, while becoming mesmerized with the city skyscrapers whenever you look out the window.

If you're going to Hong Kong to witness some of the most exciting festivals and events the city has to offer, you may have to face with high-priced airline tickets. Fortunately, you can opt to stay in budget accommodation Hong Kong hostels and guesthouses, which provide convenience and affordability, allowing you to stick to your budget even though you had to pay for peak-season plane tickets. These hostels and guesthouses offer air-conditioned room, en-suite shower and toilet, but without the 24-hour room service - perfect for families or tourist groups that would spend most of the day out and about exploring the city. Hong Kong accommodation Kowloon and in the Hong Kong Island offer some of the most affordable hostels and guesthouses you can find in the city.

If you're traveling as a group of young explorers for a seminar, vacation or other reasons, you're probably looking for an affordable accommodation in Hong Kong where you can pay as a group. Fortunately, the Hong Kong Youth Hostels Association runs several hostels that encourage young visitors to enjoy Hong Kong without hurting the wallet. However, be aware that most of these hostels are located in scenic areas, one being on top of a mountain, while others are nearby outdoor attractions like a marine park and hiking trails. To save time while ensuring you'll have a place to stay as soon as you arrive Hong Kong, you can book your rooms online.

To take advantage of discount accommodation Hong Kong, you can choose to visit the city during low peak seasons, particularly in October and November. During these weeks, the airports are not busy, the streets are not so packed due to the chilly weather and most prices for dining, tourist spots and accommodation go down. On the other hand, be prepared to pay more for Hong Kong holiday accommodation because events like Chinese New Year, Ching Ming Festival and other holidays contribute to the increase in prices for dining and accommodation.

Whether you're looking for the grandest hotels you can find for a romantic getaway or the cheapest guesthouse just to accommodate your sleeping needs, Hong Kong can cater to your budget needs.

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