Hong Kong Shopping

Why life won't be complete without experiencing Hong Kong?

Ask a Hong Kong resident about their hobbies and chances are that at some point they will mention shopping. Whilst in many cultures shopping doesn't really qualify as a leisure pastime in the same way as playing football or scrap booking might, just one look at the enormous choice of shops and markets in Hong Kong and you'll start to appreciate why it is so important there. Indeed, such is the fame of Hong Kong for it's shopping that many Hong Kong travel deals include tours to well-known markets and retail areas. Whether you are in Hong Kong for business, or purely for a holiday, any of the hotels and hostels will be able to advise as to which shopping opportunities are closest to your accommodation and many will organize tours for you. In the following pages, we'll give you a run down of some of the best and what you can expect to find there.


Temple Street Night Market

Temple Street Night Market has to be seen to be believed and if you visit no other market in Hong Kong during your stay, you should at least explore this one.

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Hollywood Road Antiques Shopping

If you're interested in antiques and curios, then you really must spend an afternoon browsing the many antique shops along Hollywood Road and "Cat Street" (or Upper Lascar Row to give it it's formal name), in Central, on...

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Designer Clothing and Luxury Brands

Both the Hong Kong locals and Mainland Chinese have a passion for designer items and so it makes sense that Hong Kong is a major centre for many international fashion houses within...

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Ladies Market (Ladies Street) and Surrounds

If you have Fa Yuen Street in Mongkok penciled in on your Hong Kong shopping tour, then you may as well take a trip to Tung Choi Street as well.

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Fa Yuen Street

Tucked away in heaving Mongkok on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong, Fa Yuen Street is one of Hong Kong's best-kept secrets as it is a favourite shopping haunt with both locals and ex-pats.

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