Hong Kong Stopover and Short Stay

If you are traveling to Asia or Europe from Australia and would like to break your journey somewhere, it would be hard to find a better option than a Hong Kong stopover.

Hong Kong Flights

The new Hong Kong International Airport is more than just home to the world renowned Cathay Pacific Airline. There are dozens of Hong Kong flights arriving and departing there every day–either bringing tourists on a Hong Kong holiday, or using this fascinating place as a stopover destination. If you are thinking of taking a long haul flight somewhere it is well worth building a Hong Kong escape into your itinerary if you get the chance. There are some great cheap Hong Kong flights around and the territory could have been made for travel packages with an incredible range of activities for you to enjoy and Hong Kong hotels offering superb deals for those looking to do a spot of Hong Kong sightseeing. The other big plus of booking a Hong Kong flight is that the transport links between the airport and some of Hong Kong's famous tourist attractions are fast, frequent and reliable, making a Hong Kong tour of only a few hours duration possible.

Hong Kong Stopover

Even if you have only a few hours to spare between flights when you visit Hong Kong, don't despair. There are a number of Hong Kong tours that you can take that don't even requite you to leave the airport. Now I know what you're probably thinking–a tour of an airport is hardly worth checking out flights to Hong Kong for, but hear me out. Hong Kong International Airport is new, swanky and packed full of things to do whilst you wait for your next flight. Indeed, those clever people at the Hong Kong Tourism Board have even put together a series of In-Transit stopover itineraries for those wondering what to do with themselves until their next plane is called.

If your Hong Kong travel amounts to only 3 or 4 hours whilst waiting for an ongoing flight, you can kick back and relax in one of a number of excellent restaurants and cafes. In Hong Kong shopping is a major leisure activity and visitors travel from all over Asia and the world arrive daily to sample some of the territories many stores, malls and discount outlets. Given this, it should come as no surprise to learn that there are some great shopping tours available within the airport itself which are perfect if you want to stretch your legs and feed your inner shopaholic at the same time.

If your Hong Kong trip amounts to more than a hanging around the airport between planes, there are longer Hong Kong sightseeing tours that you can take. Some of the suggested activities include a visit to Hong Kong Disneyland, shopping in Mongkok and Tsim Sha Tsui, taking in the amazing view from The Peak or joining an organized tour to get the most out of your brief break in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Short Stays There are some wonderful Hong Kong travel deals which can give you a 3 to 5 day short stay in this amazing place, with accommodation either on Hong Kong Island or over the famous harbour at Kowloon. No matter where you stay, you'll be spoilt for choice with Hong Kong hotels amongst some of the best in the world, both in terms of service and facilities. In particular, Hong Kong accommodation has seen quite a few boutique hotels opening up over recent years, though there are still plenty of cheap Hong Kong hotels if you don't want to blow your budget.

Hong Kong packages offer a visitor so much to see and do, even if you are only in Hong Kong for a short time. Both Hong Kong Island and neighbouring Kowloon have fabulous shopping, including fascinating alleys where you can pick up Chinese antiques and souvenirs, bustling street markets open both day and night and discount electronics and clothing stores selling the latest in ingenuity and fashion. Hong Kong is a truly cosmopolitan destination with space age architecture, a stunningly efficient transport system and some of the most amazing restaurants in the region, if not the world. Just walking around the thriving streets of Central, Causeway Bay and Mongkok gives you a memorable taste of the energy and colour that the fusion of Chinese and Western culture, old and new, has produced.

If you can be flexible about when you take your Hong Kong holiday, trying to dove tail it with one of the many holidays and festivals that fill the local calendar is a wonderful way to see this unique place at its most enthralling. Obvious times to visit Hong Kong include Chinese New Year, the Spring Lantern Festival the Dragon Boat Festival, and Christmas. In the following weeks we plan to write more about some of the festivals celebrated in Hong Kong, so keep checking for further updates.

So why not investigate the Hong Kong travel deals on sale right now? Buy a plane ticket that gives you a stopover option, book yourself into one of the many excellent Hong Kong hotels and check out some of the superb Hong Kong tours available. We are sure you'll love the variety, warmth and buzz of this unforgettable place.

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