Hong Kong Tourist Attractions

You will never run out of things to do in Hong Kong

Whenever people hear Hong Kong, the first thing that comes to mind is great deals on shopping, which is, of course, always a good sign. However, this little majestic place has plenty of things to offer, from cultural sites to leisure areas; you'll be overwhelmed by the things to do and things to see in Hong Kong that a day or two won't be enough. If you have no idea of the tourist attractions, here's a list of the must-see places in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Disneyland: For kids and the entire family, the Disneyland in Hong Kong offers the same magical feel as its original counterpart in California, but with shorter lines to enjoy. A day in the theme park gets you to experience every ride at least once and witness the attractions around the land. The only ride with height restriction is the Space Mountain, so kids of all ages can truly have a blast in Disneyland.

Chi Lin Nunnery: One of the top Hong Kong attractions is this nunnery built in 1934 and built without a single nail. Instead, traditional wooden dowels were used to hold the thousands of timber together. It practices the principles of Feng Shui and features Buddha statues, polished wood and traditional bracket-work.

Hong Kong Heritage and Sam Tung Uk Museums: The Hong Kong Heritage Museum boasts the largest collection in the city with plenty of artwork including Chinese ceramics, bronzes and glasses, while the Sam Tung Uk Museum is a must-see because the walled Hakka Village was saved from demolition just to create this one-of-a-kind museum.

Stanley Village Market: This place is the Hongkong shopping haven for people who love bargain items. The market boasts a variety of clothing and accessories. However, avoid shopping during weekends as the market gets really busy throughout the day.

Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas & Tian Tan Buddha: The Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas feature a 400-step journey to reach the temple, but with the 32 buddhas that greet you through each step, the sweat is worth it. If you want to see the world's largest bronze Buddha, head on to Tian Tan Buddha - one of the top Hong Kong tourist sites open to the public.

If you want themed tours, you can get a Hong Kong travel package that you're interested in. If you like heights, be sure to check out tours that include Star Ferry and Victoria Peak. If you have kids, look for packages that offer Disneyland and Ocean Park tickets. Whether you're visiting Hong Kong for business or pleasure, it never hurts to witness the sights and be blown away by the culture, history, shopping deals and traditional architecture in and around Hong Kong.

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